“I have nothing interesting to blog above.” This few words should or could be the taboo among the “seasoned” bloggers. Nevertheless, i seriously have nothing interesting to blog above lately. My mind is numb, numb from work. Too numb to even think above anything but strangely a little voice in my heart told me to go back to office and complete the unfinished work. Luckily the bigger voice up in brain shouted “FUCK U! I cannot go back to office NOW because i fucking don’t have the KEY!”
Anyway, here is the picture of the day :-

Some say she is so sexy, some think it’s disgusting…
For me, i find her funny.

12 thoughts on “Numb”

  1. Quiz time!
    What is she doing?
    a) scratching her ass
    b) fixing her panties
    c) putting something up her arse
    d) all of them above.

  2. DieHardX: where do u think the little crab went to?
    JolingX: i want lar but have to wait till u get back from scotland first. So for the time being, i work hard lar…for us. hahhahaha =P
    DaRkS0uL: disgusting lar wei
    Dan: i find it funny.
    hazel: yeah..could be an ah ling or La La mui

  3. Fixing the tampon string hopeing that no one would realise.
    Man, I’m trying to imagine what she looks like. But whatever it is, everything spoil d.
    Mat tou mou sai…..hiah

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