Old Asia Massage parlour

A day before NY, I decided to do something different. Ping, Yong Lin, Syen, Hyong, Chiew Lai and I decided to go to Old Asia, a newly opened massage parlour around my area.

The place was kinda like a big hooha for us because it was the massage parlour that is openly visible around my area. It even has signboards as big as my car. Most of the massage parlours around my area are underground.

I was quite sceptical in the beginning as massage parlours in Malaysia could mean one thing, ‘Extra service’ aka sexual services. However, I was told that Old Asia does not offer ‘extra service’.
The interior was excellent. It was ala Bali style. Service was excellent as well. Oh, they even have a nice movie room.

Syen and I shared a room. As soon as we got into the room, the massage girls left and we had to change into boxers which were provided by them.
The massage was great. So good till I fell asleep. Snored loudly too. How embarrassing.
However, my body ached from rock climbing 2 days ago. It hurts like hell on few occasions.

I was shocked when the massage girl pulled my boxers to reveal my ass. I was like ‘WOI, I thought you don’t provide ‘extra service’!!!!!!’.
But soon I realised it was a part of the massage. My ass was included in the back massage.
The massage lasted about 80 minutes. I felt like it was just a short while. I guess it was probably because I dozed off couple of times.

It all came up to RM70. Well worth it I would say 😀

[Edit 2/10/2012: Old Asia is no longer in operation]

14 thoughts on “Old Asia Massage parlour”

  1. Did you enjoy the ass massage? 😉 Why are you so scared? I thought any hot blooded male would jump at the chance to engage in such ‘services’ with an oiled up nubile nymph with deft hands 😉

  2. heeee It looks great! Those Bali style massage is so popular here. You have to bring me there next time!!!:D:D:D 10 mins massage will cost me about 1000yen here 🙁

  3. bimbobum: 2 hours? no money la.
    glo: NO. uh.
    Applegal: thats a very narrow perspective you have on men. if you get a massager about the size of a sumo wrestler fondling your ass, i doubt any men would jump on the chance of getting laid
    jane: yesyes!! we should go!!!
    electronicfly: its @ jalan mega mendung, old klang road.
    honfaai: dont be stupid. its a different
    Amos: rm29 is different. spa? umm dont thik so.

  4. I went there, twice, with my wife.
    It was GREAT and with nice ambience. Look for Jaffrey, one of the best masseur in town so far, I feel. Talk to him and you will be amazed by his knowledge on massage. If you yell of pain, he can tell precisely what part of your body is not well.
    Is kind of a wired feeling to let guy touching my naked buttock, but his massage is well worth it.
    Highly recommended and I give a 10 out of 10 for this place.

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