old klang road sucks!

The condition of the road in Old Klang Road is really, really bad. Potholes everywhere, plastic barriers left unattended, cars blocking the way, bottleneck, you name it, Old Klang Road got it! If I have a gun, I’ll jump out from the car and start shooting those road fuckers.

Speaking about jumping out from the car and shooting people, recently a woman was shot dead by a man from a prominent family in Malaysia.

He was driving around KL after having couple of beers with his friends. Then suddenly, he got out from his car, took out his revolver and started shooting randomly. He stopped a taxi, pointed his gun at the driver and ordered him to get out.

The taxi driver complied and next thing was he was on his knees. However, he escaped as the man turned around to stop other cars.

He stopped a Perdana., pointed his revolver at the driver and ordered her to get out. The lady refused. He then shot the poor lady on the chest. She died on the spot.

After that, the man went on stopping cars and shooting randomly. As soon as he ran out of ammo, the members of the public cornered him and assaulted him.

And guess what? He was sentenced to 8 years in jail for manslaughter. Well, he pleaded the defence of hypoglycaemia (commonly known as low blood sugar, oh wait, was it hyperglycaemia (too much sugar), I cant remember which defence he pleaded).

Justice prevailed? No I don’t think so. The sentence doesn’t reflect what he has done. We should impose a deterrence sentence to stop people from running amuck and start shooting people. Yeah especially when the condition of our roads are so bad that it makes everybody feel like jumping out from their car and start shooting people.

8 thoughts on “old klang road sucks!”

  1. hehehe, aiyah, it’s not murder anyway, the fellow just went berserk..under the 304a and 304bof the penal code, the maximum sentence for manslaugter is only 20 years (for 304a) and 10 years (for 304b).then his counsels were good at mitigating also..first time offender and all..and probably the prosecution officer makan few hundred thousand before that.. hehehebut 8 years minus 1/3 (probation)..holidays and so on..less than 8 years la 😀

  2. sighz… they should get a better prosecutor… and dem… why the defence counsel fighting so hard for a man who killed an innocent woman??money rite?? WTF.. fucking lawyers (no offense CL but some lawyers are so shitty)

  3. I don’t think this incident was that recent, you know? The sentencing may have been recent, but the incident, definitely not. Anyway, am not a wee bit surprised. I once heard that another member of a prominent family in Malaysia, was speeding and killed someone. All they did was pay $120,000 to the family and that was it. No charges, no nothing. The victim’s family must have been rather poor or something. I hope he learnt his lesson. Else, he might just do it all over again and just pay someone off once more!

  4. pikey: lawyers operate in a term called taxi-cab rule (uk taxis no malaysian taxis..ehhe). a taxi driver would give anybody a ride no matter what their intention are.. lawyers operate in that way too, we are obliged to take any clients that come to us. and under art 5(3) of the federal constitution of malaysia, everybody has the right to be legally represented. hence no matter what offence you have committed, you have the right to be legally represented.. for more info: read chuoming’s post on d post about “lawyers are liars” 😀 stinkles: well..there are many other factors why the judge didnt impose jail sentence. probably in the facts of the case, it was raining heavilyy, the dog jumped out from the car, or the victim negiligently contributed to the accident and so on 😀

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