old man young man stressful

The old man wages the war, the young man has to fight the war.

2 thoughts on “old man young man stressful”

  1. no la, the old men running away, the young men jadi kambing mati, saddam is a smart fug, he will never go to war, lolz he just sit down n plan where to hide.. just like osama lolz, hide already then plan the young men jadi kambing mati as usual 😛

  2. USA is just advertising how far their bomb can fly lar.. and Saddam always like to sing their Iraqi Pop Hits. Number one album now: “It wasn’t me.” When USA strikes, everything must be high tech one because their country is R&D country. When IRAQ strike, they only know one thing, everything must be flat ! just like their country. One use camel, one use tank. If I saddam, of course hide lar. Malou.

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