One day at the petrol station

I was at the petrol station along Old Klang Road. I got into their store, waived RM50 to the Bangladeshi cashier and said ‘Lima puluh (50 Ringgit)’.

Thereafter, I decided to buy a carton of mineral water and brought the carton to the counter.

I stood by the side of the counter for some time while waiting for the cashier to service two customers in front of me. Since it took some time I went back to my car to pump petrol and left it to run.

The bloody cashier was still with the 2 customers in front of me. When it came my turn, I asked, ‘how much?’. The cashier ignored me and went to service another chap who just came in to buy some cigarettes.

Annoyed. I asked again, ‘BERAPA??? CEPAT CEPAT!!’.

A lady behind me chuckled loudly.

This time, the cashier instructed his colleague to check out the price. He went all around the place to determine the price. 5 minutes later, he came back with one bottle of mineral water and asked the cashier to scan the price tag. Somehow they thought they could get the price of the carton by getting the price of a bottle times the amount of bottles in the carton. The amount came up to rm30 plus. Sensing it was wrong, the Bangladeshi said, ‘don’t know how much’.

I had been waiting for the past 10 minutes and all they could say is, ‘don’t know’.

I was so furious until I said, ‘cheebye buang masa saya!!!’ (You wasted my time!!!) and walked away.

I went back to my car, removed the nozzle and drove out from the petrol station.

Minutes later, I realised that my petrol gauge only went slightly upwards instead of going all the way to the top.

Fking Banglasdehis must have keyed in only rm10 worth of petrol into the system instead of rm50!!!


12 thoughts on “One day at the petrol station”

  1. CL: next time use lar yr cc to pump petrol, no nid to sked get cheated, somore u dont nid to walk all the way to the service counter to pay them, so convenient.

  2. You have serious issues, rofl.

    > “I was so furious until I said, ‘cheebye buang masa saya!!!’ (You wasted my time!!!) and walked away”

  3. wahahahha…siao punya..

    if i were u…i would scold each and evryone inside “macam cheebye u ppl”

    i think then…they’ll cancel the pump terus…wahahhaha

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