4 thoughts on “Only in Indonesia”

  1. ROLF!!!!! that sounds so darn wrong, but hilarious! try to imagine how it would be if someone who does not know bahasa indon
    Customer: what is you special today?
    Waiter: today we have soup buntut
    Customer:O_O!?!?! ass soup??? No tq *walks away*

  2. xes: That’s exactly what i thought when i was in Jakarta. hahaha. There’s also some strange names like Bakso Malang(Unfortunate Beefballs), Nasi Goreng Gila(Crazy Fried Rice) and of course Nasi Padang (Field Rice) which I love. ;D

  3. nasi padang is over rated. Our nasi kandar is a million times better and tastier to eat.
    My opinion, Indon food…. nothing fancy. Not even bakso…. only Indomie is considered edible.

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