Only In the East Coast

What’s this? Toilet / washroom signs?
Girl in baju kurung and Boy with songkok?


It’s actually the sign in Pacific Supermarket in Kota Bharu that says one queue is for female and the other for male only. No unisex queues, please!
Unless you’re with married and with your family? ;D

3 thoughts on “Only In the East Coast”

  1. ok ok as a kelantanese i have to defend.
    yes they put up those signs, and yes a practice guide was issued stating that men and women have to use separate lanes, but i reality, no one follows, and no one gives a sh*t.
    but come on, what do you expect, in a state where 97% of the population are malay muslims, i really don’t think this is surprising nor unacceptable, considering that in countries like afganistan they still stone women who are raped, claiming them to be not loyal to their husbands.
    at least in kelantan, these laws & guidelines only affect muslims (and only in theory, not in reality), whereas non-muslims are allowed to do whatever they want.

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