paper – environmentally friendly

[plastic spoon, disposable chopsticks and styrofoam package.]
styrofoam lunchboxes are commonly used to store food, to be disposed of after use.
but we all know that we have to use recycle-friendly products to take care of the environment. lurvvvee the environment. =)
[paper spoon and paper package]
one of the restaurants around my office area does its part by using paper lunchboxes. and there was once, paper spoons alongside. i once had no choice to take it because they ran out of plastic ones.
but using it turned out to be gross.
imagine if your food has a lot of gravy.
after 2 spoonfuls, the sides of paper spoon became soggy. and each time it was brought to my mouth, feeling the soggy texture of the spoon gave me a “geli” (gross) feeling. blehhhhh….
imagine if people had to eat their porridge or drink their soup with it.
[that’s due to gravy, not my saliva.;P]
the shop has stopped using/supplying paper spoons, and it’s back with plastic spoons. *phew*

9 thoughts on “paper – environmentally friendly”

  1. eh reduce the size le….the spoon and the food doesnt go well together la…the backdrop looks like puke and the spoon used to kacau it…*headache*

  2. wei wei…. if talk about environment friendly, you should bring your own (plastic or microwave) container and spoon la… wash them and use them again for next meal…
    *another msg brought to you by a member of the national geographic society*

  3. sorryyyyy i reduced it! should make it smaller again?
    zhong: serious? hmmm……. but it still tastes gross la. have you ‘tasted’ it?
    rych: waaaahh… sorry sorry. erm, i buy you a flaming lamborghini, we still friends k? =)) or you want a nude pic of xes or frank? =))
    pokai: sorry la…. aiyo. give you half a peanut butter kitkat? =))
    pikey: do you really do that? ya ler. ok. i shall try it the next time, see if the aunty at the shop will layan me. ;P if not, how???

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