Paris Hilton, an Idol

“Nothing in this world can stop us tonight …….”
Yikes, I can’t help but to sing along to that when it comes on air!
Are you a fan of Paris Hilton, the ever famous socialite whose name everyone is familiar with? The one who’s prettier than her sister and is trying to be a singer?
Have you heard her songs on the air or watched the music videos? I can’t stand the videos, but I have to admit that unfortunately, her songs are catchy. I am one of the sad ones who actually find myself singing along to her songs, God help me.
I admit, it’s so embarrassing. Anyone else here having the same problem?
I don’t know why some young girls make her their idol, though. What good example can she be setting? Partying and changing boyfriends like there’s no tomorrow, drugs and others.
Oh, not forgetting her limited vocabulary!
“That’s hot.”
“He’s gorgeous.”
The two most over-used words in her vocabulary – hot and gorgeous.
Check out her t-shirt here.
Check out her doll – comes with Tinkerbel and crabs Crabby.
A Hello Kitty Paris Hilton?
Wanna buy a sex doll – supposedly her?
OK, I got to admit, I don’t really hate her …..
p.s. Sorry, this is just a rant. 😉

33 thoughts on “Paris Hilton, an Idol”

  1. i wonder if there are her dolls on sale in all Hilton hotels around the world? Hmmm
    endroo….aiya…she so thin…u expect her boobs to be so huge meh…macam barbie afterwards

  2. unfortunately yes..her songs are catchy, i can’t deny that…i will sing along…hehe.but i hate the stars are blind though…kekeke
    i m kinda addicted to SimPLe me dumb..watever..i love watching it..keke

  3. wolfx: ooh never invite!
    endroo: ugh. it’ll be imbalanced. she’ll be imbalanced looking, i mean. ;P
    Abalon: are you sure? that’s not what i heard!
    Applegal: Britney’s stupid for marrying K-Fed, i prefer her to Paris anytime!
    karheng: some guys are weird, even pokai likes her body?!
    peggy: sometimes i watch it, but i get irritated with them after a while – real super duper airheads!

  4. Abalon: i heard she not very good at blowing lah ;P
    endroo: baby spice?
    insomnia: wat chinese style?
    meng89: o_O you must have been disappointed. how come xes could see lah? ;P

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