Penang chick.

I had a chat with YS, my lady colleague, born and bred in the island of Penang.
YS: wah look at this girl on the newspaper! She’s hot!
Me: w00t!! yes she is!
YS: let me see what the article says…
Me: Penang born lass, sexy etc etc…mmmmmmm
/me looks at the photograph
/me looks at YS.
/me looks at photograph
/me looks at YS and said
“What happened to you?”

12 thoughts on “Penang chick.”

  1. no photos here?
    tendangan pandu maut or padu? hmmm, it brings back memories of those days when we watch baja hitam (black masked rider)! also got pukulan padu maut! 🙂

  2. victor: yesyes doraemon!! help me!!
    diehardz: kekeke supposed to PADU not pandu..mistake heeh photos? of ys or chun chick hehe
    YUMMIE: too slow la u hehehe

  3. YUMMie : basically, what i was trying to say was, “wah this penang girl is so preetty. what arent u like her?” ehhe

  4. OH!!!
    Now i get it!! I thought YS’s a guy…that’s why i didn’t get it…now i do!!

  5. galferari&pikey: aiyo i’ll clarify things and put lady collegue on the post hehe
    frank: mm i hope not!! hehe
    myko: hehehehe she didnt take offence la keke

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