Penang Curry Rice @ Restoran Ming Yang, Kuchai Lama

Ming Yang Restaurant is your typical Chinese coffeeshop with various stalls selling all sorts of dishes.

My parents like eating at this place but I hate eating at this place. Although they have many stalls, none of them serve tasty food.

Until Penang Curry Rice came along!

Penang Curry Rice is a small stall with various dishes to choose. It’s like economic rice but with a focus on curry.

My personal favourites would be their curry potatoes and petai. Their potatoes are cooked till soft whereas their curry is not spicy (to me).

Yummy petai!

Penang Curry Rice is only open at night and opens till late.

Parking may be a problem. There’s an open parking opposite Ming Yang. It is RM2 per entry.

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