Perodua Myvi

You know that you’ve made a little advancement in your career when you put the money you made into your family. I always thought that the money I made would be spent on myself. But it sure gives you more satisfaction when you use it on your family.
I paid for my Mum’s down payment of her brand new spanking Perodua Myvi.

Part of it came from Nuffnang’s payout
She sold her car couple of years back and was car-less for few years.
On the first day she got the car, she commented that the car was very beautiful. To me, it looks like a bloody turtle. And the car is green too!
Then later at night, “SON! SOMEONE SMASHED MY CAR’S WINDOW!!”.
Apparently someone smashed the passenger seat’s window after he/she saw her purse lying on the seat. All she had inside the purse was some money and a dinosaur age Nokia 3330 handphone – with no colour screen, it’s good enough to be a paper weight now.

Car break-in is very rampant around my area lately. I believe that it’s the same person who broke into my neighbours’ cars.

I sort of suspect is this d00d who came to my house uninvited last year.
Fortunately, we got the window fix in no time and for less than a hundred Ringgit!

2 thoughts on “Perodua Myvi”

  1. Wah, you get so much money from nuffnang! Time for me to quit my day job.
    Sorry to hear about what happened to your mum’s car.

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