Phranang Peninsula, Krabi 2008 – Food

Food is probably one of the other best things of Krabi. My personal favourites would be the roasted chicken, banana pancake, fresh mango and pineapple.

I had roasted chicken for 3 days consecutively until I fell sick on the 4th day. I had sore throat and fever. I think I ate too much roasted chicken.

Coconut milkshake – drink in moderation otherwise you’ll get diarrhea

2 of my friends had food poisoning from the food they ate. I was fortunate to escape that but when I came back to Kuala Lumpur, I had food poisoning after consuming local Wat Tan Hor. Tunasing!!

We had seafood almost every night. In every restaurant in Tonsai, they have a section for customers to choose seafood of their choice to be barbequed. Red snapper is not bad.

After a long day of climbing, we would consume couple of bottles of Chang beer at 50 Bath per bottle.

Pineapple fried rice is one of our favourite dishes as well. It comes in a real pineapple!

The prices are relatively cheap – depending on the location. Food in Tonsai was very cheap but food in East and West Railey was pretty expensive – almost equivalent to prices of food in shopping centres in the Klang Valley.

Pad Thai – West Railey serves good Pad Thai

Western food is quite common here
Further, food is abundant in the Phranang Penisula. You’ll never go hungry cause there are plenty of places to eat. One of our favourites would be a shop located nearby the beach. They sell fresh mango, mango sticky rice, roasted chicken and so on.

My favourite stall comes with a Doraemon baloon

Stall at Phranang @ Phranang Beach

Boat selling food @ Phranang Beach

The stuff on the right was sweet and spicy!

Drinks stall @ Tonsai – They even sell hard liquor. No ID required!

Mango sticky rice

One of the ladies selling Mango sticky rice tried to pick up one of my friends.
Lady: Are you single??
Friend: Er..
Lady: if you are, come meet me at Chill Out Bar tonight!

On that night, my friend avoided Chill Out Bar at all cost.

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