18 thoughts on “Pictures from Pra-nang Penisula, Krabi”

  1. Hey come one come all to visit Thailand.
    The Andaman side of southern Thailand still have a lot to explore. Personally, I love Similan national park…still very natural..
    I don’t think u can online there though 😛 but hey, keep an old-fashioned paper blog (diary) might be fun too ^_^

  2. @$&)@(*&#(*$ xes! i mati mati blog-sitting for u here. wat u doing there? sun-tanning yr fat ass! hmmphhh…. dun care! buy me nice souvenir, man!
    or RM200 also good enuff. ;P
    i also wanna go lie in the beach in a bikini…. hmmph.

  3. hei leong how much does it cost, the trip everything inclusive? plus airfare and everything, and which travel agent u book and all. lemme know pls pls pls thanks

  4. Amos: yup i took them! i better watermark the pictures soon!
    electronicfly: thanks!!
    honfaai: thanks!!
    rych: yea 😀 i love it too! thats what i see every morning!
    pikey: thaanks ! i’ll post up more pics when im back
    Darren: yeah. krabi is boootiful 😀 imagine swimming by the sea with limestone mountains next to you 😀
    chaliz: Similaan national park? 😀 i’ll definitely visit there one day!
    bimbobum: aiyo. the thing about this island is that they dont really sell souvenirs for tourist. mostly climbing and expensive stuff. c la. ill try to get something for everyone!
    devilsha: hehe thank u!! will show u more when im back 😀
    chuoming: i budget about rm1000. should spend less than that. will update you soon. we didnt go thru a travel agent, we arranged it ourselves.
    Ben: hehehe come to krabi!
    Applegal: yes, visit krabi! it rocks!
    peggy: will post more when i’m back!

  5. GOSH. so beautiful! i go to thailand at least once or twice a month but i never been to krabi. er… actually, my project site IS at krabi but i’ve never been to the beach. i’m always in the jungle. hahaha

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