*pooooot* *blargh*

This might offend some PETA members but I laughed so hard till I couldnt breath after hearing this story….
One day, D, a friend of mine, was getting ready for school.
It was wee hours in the morning and everyone was still sleeping…except for his little sister’s hamsters…
He then devised and evil plot… which is.. fart at his sister’s hamsters.
He proceeded to do so and let off a loud fart…
*pooottttt* *blargh*
D: oh shit!!!
He accidentally shat on his sister’s hamsters!!

17 thoughts on “*pooooot* *blargh*”

  1. either your friend is lying, or he lacks to motor neurons to control his ass muscles. either way he’s damn sohai

  2. chuoming: u see..when something is wet and slippery..its hard to control…hehe..i
    wolfx: its true!
    Jac: yeah digusting but funny!!
    mongo: and the hamster live happily ever after…
    darren: HAHA
    julz: kekekekeke
    galferari: HEHEHE
    baburs: YEAH HEHEHE

  3. xes : got alot of stories…got 1 with the pipe hose and hot oil and some girl as well.(but i dont think u wanna know the rest)actually, im surprised some ppl actually find it funny. its bloody sick. the hamster survived however.
    honfaai: hehehe well, if it was me how? better keep ur poodle away from me hehehe

  4. xes : when u yamcha with zing, u need 2 call me along wei hahahahahah
    zing: hahaha no worries, i dont like pets/animal*
    *disclaimer to animal lovers : i have ntg against them, i only dont adore them 😛

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