porch removed

This morning at 8AM,

*bang bang bang*

Me: aaahhh…what the fuck is happening… (first swear word of the day)

I couldn’t get up. I was damn tired.

The workers were removing the collapsed porch and also the remaining parts. All that is left now is the pillars that were once used to support the porch. Surprisingly, the house looks better without the porch. It looks brighter now 😀

oh oh! I applied to http://www.angkasawan.gov.my to be Malaysia’s first asstronut

“The first Malaysian astronaut can be just the man in the street, a professor or a soldier. Anybody can be the country’s first person in outer space if they are fit, intelligent and have the right aptitude.” – Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed (The Star, Friday August 08, 2003)

One of the main requirements for being an astronaut is a perfect 20:20 eye sight but unfortunately, I dont possess that crucial requirement. Ah but what teh heck, just trying my luck 😀

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