Postage stamp honours Steve Irwin

Recently, the Australian magazine New Idea! teamed up with the Australian Post to create a stamp to commemorate the late Steve Irwin, a famous Australian wildlife expert and television personality.


The late Crocodile Hunter has been immortalised on a new commemorative stamp, brought out just in time to celebrate Steve Irwin Day.

The stamp features a New Idea magazine commemorative cover of Irwin, his two children Bindi and Bob – and a large snake – which was originally published shortly after his death last September.

The stamp is the second joint venture between Australia Post and New Idea, after the two previously collaborated on a souvenir stamp featuring Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Asked by the magazine to nominate a second celebrity for another set of stamps, the public overwhelmingly voted for the late world-famous but home-grown wildlife warrior.

“We were overwhelmed with the response to the public poll and happy to be able to support New Idea in this initiative,” Australia Post’s Michael Zsolt said.

“This is the first time that an Australian magazine cover has been made available to the general public on an Australia Post stamp product.”

The Brangelina stamp was not available for public sale, unlike the Irwin one which can be purchased in 10 x 50 cent stamp sheets from Australia Post outlets or directly from New Idea.

It is available for sale from today, just in time for the inaugural Steve Irwin Day on November 14.

Proceeds from the stamps will go to Irwin’s conservation charity, Wildlife Warriors.

As you can see, the actual stamp is the stamp with a Kangaroo. The pictures of Steve Irwin and his family are merely supplements to the actual stamp.

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