Pulling Ranks

I got irritated with someone the other day, supposedly my “superior”. You know how some people enjoying bossing everyone around just by saying, “I’m the Boss here!” or
“I’m Team Leader, so listen to me!” or
“Who is supposed to head this project, you tell me?”
If you’re just giving a suggestion, as a leader or superior, you should always consider its value, instead of closing your ears and refusing to listen.
I was merely asking a simple question the other day, and I was shot down with a “Who’s the boss here? I’m the Boss!”
Which technically meant, “Shut the f*ck up, you’re not entitled to ask me this.”
He just didn’t want to answer the question. I was angry at his response because he obviously forgot my contribution to the whole thing.
I hate people like this. It’s not easy to work with people like this or even be friends!
Being a good boss or team leader is a demanding task, you must know how to lead your team as well as be apart of a team as a team player. If you fail to pull your weight around, i.e., you do not contribute to the project at hand, nobody will like you using the phrase, “I’m the Boss here!”.
Phrases like these to remind who’s the boss should only be used when there’s a rebellious team mate who does not contribute at all.
One day, I will tell you the whole story. Politics, I tell you, you can never escape – office politics, school politics, family politics, blogging politics, etc.

17 thoughts on “Pulling Ranks”

  1. wah..endroo – 75% of the posts here!
    fret not…
    Managers with that type of kiasu behavior are not ‘tai fong’ enough. When they eventually learn to be that…it’s normally too late.
    Obviously your superior is just eager to have all the credit to himself. Don’t worry, success comes to people who really deserve it.

  2. Yes..some superiors want credits for themself but work is done by someone else. They (managers) know where to chip in.. in betwwen progress to let bosses think that they are actually seeing the managers doing work. Some managers very cunning one.

  3. uhr.. blog politic? is there any? how come i dont feel any blogging politics here? we’re all friends πŸ˜›
    btw, ur b0ss is just ego-deprived la, so naturally, he’s lacking some class there. dont take it to the heart yea? chill bum!

  4. hey honfaai long time no see! hehe.
    blog politic damn a lot la, not here la.
    karheng/endroo/honfaai:imagine if that person is your friend, wah, cannot take it la! i mean, not as in boss boss, but a business partnership… of course if shares are unequal, but got to accept some suggestions what. πŸ˜‰
    pokai: hey, like lamaze class like that breathe in breathe out ;P i’m not giving birth anytime la hehe

  5. that’s y i blog here and no where else! MUAHAHAHA. sexxor shud gimme some credit for being so loyal oso =P i demand my name be restored on the front page!
    ok la. i dont know much abt business politics. still students. but usually, i try to avoid these case. and if i dont get to avoid, i ignore them. most importantly, dont have this affect u and ur work performances then!
    oh ya. long time no c. when wanna c? πŸ˜› 5th?

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