red bean naan @ SS2

shop: Restoran Sri Gangka, on the same row as SOD (Source of Delight) and HK Express in SS2.
garlic cheese naan
the garlic cheese naan. with sesame seeds on top, so cute. garlicky and cheesy taste is not that strong. and served in a basket. so cute!! ;P

red bean naan
we were recommended the red bean naan to try, being its most popular naan. it was nice, and need not be soaked in curry or dhal because it was sweet as it is. it reminded me of tau sar pau (red bean buns)! but good, nevertheless. RM3.50.

they even demonstrated that the milk is freshly squeezed from the cow and processed this way. ;P hehe.
actually, i don’t know what that is. i’m assuming it’s milk.

checking the coast out is clear before i make a run for it, didn’t want to pay the bill.
it’s a quiet shop. if you’re tired of the indomie mamak area across the road, there’s no harm in giving this shop a try. and they have ASTRO too.

blurry pic. this was what happened when i ran away in high heels.
of course i paid the bill la. ;pPp it’s a shaky pic because i got shy, the staff were giving me strange looks for snapping too many pictures, like i was a kepohchi (busybody) escaped from the wilderness, into the city. ;P
rating: ok la. ;P didn’t understand the waiter at first, we thought he said “GREATBEE NAAN”.)

9 thoughts on “red bean naan @ SS2”

  1. it was good last time but now change person. the brother took over and the original person tht make it is now at a few shops away from Okay Restoran SS2. It’s another restoran. Forgot wht’s the name. Their tandoori chicken is good! 🙂

  2. OMG naan!!!! it reminds me about a fly inside my frens naan….omg omg sick ~.~
    god damm that fly ruins my appetite !

  3. bosanova: aiks. erm…. we can talk about sashimi instead. ;P
    blabla: when are we going to have movie and coffee? ;P anyway, xes did the banner thing. ;P

  4. the last time i ask u out, u say i was pullin your leg.. sigh.. well give me your email.. i’ll email u -_-

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