Regenerate @ Espanda

Hen, Umeng, Jennifer, YK, WK, Lin, Jin Han, Yming, Peng, me and others planned to party again. Our initial target was Atmosphere since it has been almost a year since we went there.

We were greeted by a bunch of muscular men, mostly dressed in sleeveless tops, outside Atmosphere. They were collecting donations for the Tsunami victims. Soon we realised that they were gay men. As I was waiting for the others to reach, one of the organizers came up to me. He wanted me to fill in a questionnaire.

After I filled up the questionnaire, I said,

“Forgive me for being rude, is this a gay oriented party?”

“Yes, it is”, he replied.

“I see, how often will you hold this event here?”

“Hopefully once every 2 weeks”

Then out of no where, Ping said,

“ooooohhh main buntot ohhh, syokkkk…” (oooooohhh play ass…feels goooodd)

I went O_O

I whispered to Ping, “WOI SHUT UP”

Instead of keeping quiet, he added, “manyak sakit ohhhhhhhh” (very painful ooooohhh)

Unknown to him, the questionnaire guy was actually gay. Ping had no place to hide his face.

Since the sight of sweaty gay men doing the ‘sotong’ dance isn’t very appealing to us, we headed to Regenerate @ Espanda. We struck a deal with the bouncer to open 2 bottles of whisky for 11 people (limit is 4 per bottle). However, we weren’t entitled to all the re-entry tag and the bloody bouncer wanted us to get him a pack of cigarettes in return for the remaining entry tag. We fuck him no time ah!!

Espanda wasn’t packed at all. I guess Regenerate missed their chance on a huge profit after the initial KL Tower rave that was cancelled. The crowd was so-so. The music was so-so. The whole event was so-so.

6 thoughts on “Regenerate @ Espanda”

  1. rych: its a ghey night ler. u wan upskirt pics of transvestites? 😀
    cyber-red: kekeke oh noooo he canttt he hasnt lose his real virginity yet!!
    YUMMIE: there are quite a number of them. South East Asia has a huge gay community. Late last year, Singapore held a gay rave called Nation. About few thousand gays attended the rave.
    galferari: he’s gavin no2 la hehe

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