Regenerate @ Sepang

Based 50 kilometres away from the city centre, the rave had its ample share of space, plenty of room to dance and mediocre sound system.

Music was a little bit crappy in the beginning. It gradually became better as soon as Christopher Lawrence hit the decks.

Shout outs to those who came up to me regarding my website. Nice meeting you guys!

However, someone mistaken ivN for me. I think he even took a picture with him! Anyway, nice meeting you dude!

The rave ended at 5AM, not 3AM as provided in the klue forum. Anne Savage’s hard pumping hard house was good. However, by then, everyone has either left or too tired to dance. There were rumours flying around that police were blockading the roads for urine test and random urine test at the toilets. Some of my friends had to hold their piss for hours!

Ok, let the pictures speak for itself. (I decided to be a copycat and follow Joyce & yishy‘s designs 😀 Theirs are obviously 9999x better. credits to them :D)

Shuffling videos were impossible as the venue was too dark. However, here are 2 not-so-interesting videos.
Anne Savage & Tabla Maniam

More pics can be seen @ eraine‘s and ivN‘s website.

11 thoughts on “Regenerate @ Sepang”

  1. Lol… I know what you mean when you say it’s hard to video when it’s dark! I have only 1 clip of me raving ‘inside’. Just posted it up too – check on my blog 🙂 Later!

  2. johnson: yeah looking forward for it! rav3r: yeah man, enxt time should bring a torch light along! eraine: where u MIA to ah in the end?

  3. Hey..nice photos…i had the most awesome time..sadly enuff, i was one of the ppl going around warning ppl not to goto the toilet…One of my friends told me a friend of hers got detained there and i just went on an information spree for no absolute reason…just wanted my fellow ravers to be safe and sound..heehhe was so enthusiastic and filled with love somemore..was rolling so hard at that time, n missed out on a bit of Ann Savage’s music…blah! :'( next time remind me to stay and dance…

  4. shuflz: hehe. ravingfool: thats good that you went warning everyone about it! otherwise the cop would have arrest many of your friends 😀

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