Repeating Partners

A friend was shocked to find out that most often girls (or guys) will somehow get together with someone new, will actually have similar characteristics to the exes. I sat through coffee with her as she told me of her revelation.
“You know, it’s really true. I read it somewhere,” she said.
“I was comparing my last ex and the other one before him. They have similar traits. They’re both mummy’s boys, they’re both emotional, they’re both hamsap (perverted) like hell.”
“Maybe just these two? How about others?” I suggested.
“Nope, there are no others.” she shook her head. (Ok, for the record she only had 2 serious relationships.)
So I was reading it up on the internet the other day (and I lost the page, or I’d let you read it as well) and it seems that there is a pattern – you’ll always be attracted to a person who share the same traits as the last person you were attracted to.
I don’t know which is worse, Freud’s theory that we’d always want to find our mother or father in our partners or this one. ;P
My friend is clearly not happy about this clone-like characteristics. She swears that the next boyfriend shall not have similar traits as the exes, because those were the same traits that she could not deal with.

p.s. There’s also something about being addicted to the wrong men, some women apparently enjoy suffering – sick!

10 thoughts on “Repeating Partners”

  1. y ur fren like ham sap guys?? maybe she also v hamsap.. haha it’s true that we are attracted to ppl who has the similiar traits as the person we like b4.. it’s is quite normal coz ur brain has been condition in that way.. e.g. me like tall hot gals mmmmmmmmmmm..

  2. cos only similar person will walk together..
    ur fren sure hamsup =X like wat Thrill saids =XX
    i was so regret to dump the 1st,and then having the 3rd tat almost same characteristic with the 1st.Lost and appreciate more.=)

  3. bimbo: i can tell u something…
    Like it or not, sometimes Freud’s theory has some bit of truth in it. Why don’t u ask her if her dad was a mummy’s boy and emotional as well?
    All men are hamsap la……it’s how and where they show it la….=.=”

  4. I really hope that your repeating partner theory isn’t always true…but come to thing about it, my previous 2 partner have similar traits as well.
    They were both considered very loud and love talking a lot and seeking attention (sometime I would find myself thinking, I wish they would just sit down and be quiet…yeah I know, not very nice to think like that towards gf, since I believe girls deserve to be treated like the center of the universe once in awhile).
    Sometimes I wonder how it would be like dating a quiet chick.
    Jas: I think sometimes people can be attracted to each other because they are totally opposites…well it was in my case, cause my ex’s were loud and people consider me the quiet type. But a few days ago I was reading an article in a newspaper on relationships. It had a sentence which I found humors and true at the sometime…”OPPOSITES ATTRACT, AND THEN THEY ATTACK!” …hahaha

  5. Thrillseeker: my fren don’t like hamsap guys ;P
    jas: wah, so complicated one.
    karheng: i don’t think my mum is like my grandmother also!
    Scuzzy: too quiet would be tough, and everyone may think you’re the dominating partner in the relatioship? but then again, a noisy one would make you look like you’re being controlled. ;P hehe, can’t win!
    galFeRari: ehehe.. good one.
    karheng: first, you’re attracted to someone who’s the opposite of you. but later on, issues keep arising, then they attack you for this and that … so the relationship doesn’t work out. get it? ;P
    endroo: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back and better catch up on blogs ;P

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