I notice that there’s something most major cities in the world has but Kuala Lumpur doesnt seem to have one.
Even highly polluted cities like Bangkok has one. Guess what is it?

The answer:
Kuala Lumpur city centre doesn’t have boat rides!
Major cities like London, Melbourne and Seoul offers ride around the city. The view is great and also its a good place to snap photos.
However, with rubbish overflowing KL rivers, I doubt that KL city could start one. Further, the occasional floods would make boating impossible.
Many decades ago, KL city is assesible through river but now I think all tourist would be dead by the end of the boat trip as the stench from the rivers are unbearable.

See that pair of jeans there?
There used to be many jobless people living under bridges in Kuala Lumpur. However, the media brands them as drug addicts. I doubt so though, not all homeless people in KL are drug addicts. Imagine tourist looking @ them while on a boat ride..

However, if the local council takes appropriate steps to clean the rivers and regulate water flow, our dream of having a boat ride around Kuala Lumpur would come true. And of course, it would be better if everyone of us stop dumping rubbish into the river. no fishes dont eat rubbish.

The topmost picture is KL Court building and the other one is the Jamek Mosque. It would be a nice view for tourist on boat rides, if we have one of course…

13 thoughts on “Rivers”

  1. my cousin from HK thought that Sungai Gombak (the river in Masjid Jamek) is a drain.
    In his word “WOW, that has got to be the biggest drain i have ever seen in my life!”

  2. hmm great suggestion, but then the river really looks like teh ais haha or kopi ais, something really needs to be done. btw i also thought that was the some big drain when i was at KL LOL

  3. i thought all the photos above are canals. they don’t look wide enough to be called rivers. at least, they all look like the sizes of canals in singapore. can a boat even go into that tight width? maybe a sampan or motorboat.

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