RM200 can buy me shitloads of things.
RM200 can buy me couple of nice tshirts.
RM200 can buy me beer whole night long.
RM200 may save a person’s eyesight.
I contributed RM200 to Yvonne Foong’s Neurofibromatosis (NF) Fund in order assist her in saving her eyesight. Yvonne Foong had a normal childhood and grew up like most of us. But when she reached 13 years old, she began to lose her hearing. She then lost the use of both her legs and her bodily functions kept failing.

She discovered that she had tumours in her brain and along the spinal cord. Many of these tumours were removed but one tumour seems to be affecting her eyesight. If treatment is not given, she may go blind.
Her father is unfit to work after a brain haemorrhage more than ten years ago and her mother’s job is just enough to get them by.
By March 2009, she has to raise RM90,000. It’s February now and the funds she have is RM15,000.
To those who wishes to contribute, you may either purchase her Heart4Hope t-shirt (or cap) or transfer funds to her. I did mine via Maybank Online, which is quite simple. For other methods, please check out Yvonne Foong’s website.

I bought myself a nice black Heart4Hope t-shirt.
I hope everyone can put aside their a week’s worth of their beer money aside to help out a person in need.
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