Road Angels

Need a ride home? Your so called designated driver drank more than you? Grab a taxi, how about your car?
Call the Road Angels !!!

Hotline: 012-636 5775 (9pm to 3.15am)
SMS: 017-6666 575 (24 hours)

They will come and get you, send you home in the comfort of your own car and you dont need to worry about retrieving it the next morning (when you’re too busy nursing a hangover) – or when you’re getting lucky 😉

16 thoughts on “Road Angels”

  1. leesh: yup. kinda pricy butthen i think they hardly make any money la. one team compromise of 2 fellows and 1 with a motorcycle. they need to cover those 2 fellows’ commission (maybe) and also motorcycle cost.
    dav: yea, i think they have to do something with their image. so far they seem very dodgy. i think they should post up details of their drivers, something to show the transparency of their company. u know, if something happens, people would know who to arrest or beat up.

  2. safe ah???????
    i mean it’s scary..cuz ..who are those ANGELS wei…
    is it a syndicate??? bad people wanna kidnap people? a syndicate, where they hire ppl to make u drunk..bring u into their angel mobile, then steal ur moNEy…

  3. Amos: yeah man. also putting your life and other people’s life at risk.
    peggy: you watch too much porn la. too much bangbus is it?? hehehe

  4. Darren: yeah man!
    electronicfly: as i said, they have to improve their image abit ie to gain the confidence of the public towards their service. probably feature themselves on newspapers or even give free ride to me so that ican write review to them haha

  5. it would be better if they were hot chicks.
    the tagline would be –
    “went out clubbing but didn’t get to score any chicks ? dont want to go home alone ? call the road angels. now you too can go home with a hot chick and not feel like a complete loser”

  6. I have read all your comments with great interest. Please let me clarify certain issues raised. As far as security is concerned, we have not yet have one single complain from our customers, men or women. We have driven some very expensive cars and none of them have not been stolen or damaged. We were featured in the New Straits Times on the 31st of December last year, 2nd of January in Nan Yang Siang Pau, Traxx FM last Wednesday and will be featured in the New Life Post magazine. We are also getting endorsement from the Traffic Police and are in talks to coloborate with MixFM, HitsFM and TraxxFM. We are also in talks with some major corporations as sponsors for our service. As for the rates we charge, its no more than the cost of taxi after midnight, less than the police summons, less than your workshop bills and we think must be less than the value of your life, and your loved ones. As for our staff, all personell are hand picked. All of them are experience drivers with clean and decent background. The average age of our drivers is 31 years old as we believe maturity is very important when you have to be responsible. We do not employ school leavers. All our drivers are trained by one of Malaysia’s top rally driver on vehicle familiarization, defensive driving and skills. All driver are trained basic first aid too. On top of that, we have also a car comprising a mechanic and 2 supervisor to ensure smooth operation in case of any emergencies. We are aware and understand your security concerns, so in the coming weeks and months you will see us having colorbarations and endorsements by some major brands and Government agencies. We are a Sdn Bhd company existing since year 2001 and our parent company have been in existance since 1994. We are no means some ‘fly-by-night’ operation. This concept has proven to be a success in the UK, Canada, South Africa and South Korea. We hope Malaysia will see simillar success because we are bent on saving lives. BUT….you have to make the call first. Cheers everyone.

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