Rock Climbing in Perlis

End of this year, I’ll be off to Raileh Beach, Krabi, Thailand again to climb. I can’t wait!
400km from Kuala Lumpur, the state of Perlis was never known for their rock climbing activities. But last year, the Mammut expedition team set up climbing routes at Bukit Keteri and Gua Kelam. A video of the process can be seen below.

My palms!! My feeet!! They’re all wet!!
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4 thoughts on “Rock Climbing in Perlis”

  1. eh some parts of the video is shot in Kampar,Perak la. During the begining the 30th second or around there, where there’s this tall pillar structure, is there in that theme park climbing area in Kampar, Perak, not Perlis. Anyhu, will be joining the ROXX climbing comp this august for the fun of it, haven’t climbed in over a year, but for the fun of it after all! hope to catch you there!

  2. Ah yes, Tambun, that wet waterworld theme park thingy. AH!! Tambun, Kampar, their right next to each other right? haha. But yeah, I was there before. Uhm, the ROXX bouldering comp, dont think im gonna win anything or get anywhere,just there to accompany some of my mates and have fun, how bout you? Are you in the comp?

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