running this website…

Running this website is like running a business

I am the boss and my guestbloggers are my employees.

My visitors are my customers.

My income is the hits I get per day and everyday I work to get the required �income�. My guestbloggers on the other hand have their own �incomes�. They have their own friends and fans (that includes Wen Dee’s fan club) that visit this website.

I made Wen Dee a partner of my firm because she is the biggest contributor. Siew Lee and Frank are sleeping partners, they blog once in a blue moon. Wen Kim is my new guestblogger (to those who doesn�t know, she is Wen Dee’s younger sister). tiberian_x on the other hand can go fry, he never blog anymore!

9 thoughts on “running this website…”

  1. lol.ok. seriously.ure darn funny. lol.and u should take that as a huge complimenti hardly find anyone humourest enough to make me laugh at 2:30am.

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