ryan’s bday pictures

Pictures from Ryan’s Birthday @ Aero.

Pictures courtersy of Sui Sui againnn

Guest bloggers
Oh my guest bloggers
Where art thou you fuckers aree…
You guys better start blogging.

So anyway, since my guest bloggers blog once in a blue moon, I’m recruiting new guest bloggers. You must have a body figure of 36D-28-36, model look face, smart with a university degree and would help me *fap fap fap* when I need to *fap fap fap*. Nah, just kidding, anyone who could make people laugh or write interesting blogs would do. Leave a comment!

Btw, if you have no idea what fapfapfap means..hahahaha just think of an action that would go *fapfapfapfapfap*

6 thoughts on “ryan’s bday pictures”

  1. siewlee: no idea la 😀 irenekay: fapfapfapfap..ask mr S whats fapfapfapfap..then give him a clue..something like, after watching porno..stinkles: the more the merrier mah 😀

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