San Francisco 2011 – Castrol Street

On my last day, my new Spanish friend Manu brought me around San Francisco. He used to study in San Francisco hence he is quite familiar with the city. When he said, “There were naked people on this street”, I replied, “Let’s go there!”.

We ended traveling to Castrol Street, the gay capital of San Francisco!

Castrol Street has a small row of shops consisting mostly boutiques and restaurants. It’s gay community’s heaven. Manu said we should hold hands while walking there -_-

It was Rapture day and the gay community had a little event on a junction.

And there he was…the legendary naked man on the street -_-

America, the land of the free!

Handjob anyone?

Sexy postcards anyone?

Gay stuff aside, Castrol Street has a little pet shop selling many pet accessories.

Dessert for pets!

Obama soft toys!

There have some cute tshirts and I bought one. Their “changing room” was special. It was a store room cum toilet. -_-

Manu then brought me to a place apparently famous for its hippie movement in 1960s. There wasn’t many things to see except for some unique buildings. We had quick lunch before parting our own ways.

I headed back to my hostel to pack and had my last dinner at my favourite restaurant, Tad’s Steakhouse.

I took a bus to the airport. It only costs me around 15USD. Flight home was rather uneventful. This trip doesn’t feel so eventful as my previous NYC trip. I guess NYC is far more fun than SF.

Nevertheless, I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to visit San Francisco.

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