I attended an ex-schoolmate’s wedding dinner last night, only to find myself walking out five minutes upon arriving. That was terribly rude of me, wasn’t it?
But I was late when I arrived, only to find that I was to have free seating, instead of being allocated a table. Sniff.
So I picked up some courage and walked into the ballroom, only to find that majority of the guests were the bride and groom’s parents’ friends. Meaning, older generation.
I didn’t know where to sit, so I stood at the back, and contemplated. Teenaged girls and their mothers glared at me, thinking, “Now who is this tarty young lady, overdressed as if she was going to a club?” I faltered as I approached a table, hence, retreated.
My dress was showing too much cleavage, and I think if I had sat down with any of the guests, my boobs could fall out as I reached for the food.
There were fathers with grey hair, in turbans, that I felt I would offend them should I have joined their table.
You see, I was there on my own. And I only knew the bride. I could have brought a friend, but I didn’t think the crowd would be conservative and family!
I’ve made up my mind to lie to my friend, should she ask whether I enjoyed myself at the dinner.
“Ooh, yes yes. Very interesting! The food was good!”
I’m such a coward.

8 thoughts on “Scaredy-Cat”

  1. i think the bride is partly at fault.he shud hav been considerate enough to ajak few more friends to accompany you.btw where is your bf ?i wouldn’t have attended if i’m alone,frankly speaking.

  2. Nah, they were glaring at you because you were wearing the latest fashion accessory of the moment… the paper bag. Everyone feels so out of date around you ๐Ÿ˜›
    P.S. Hope your friend doesn’t read this blog ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. “showing too much cleavage”….. “my boobs could fall out”…. self-promote? aha…
    at least u turn up for the dinner is good enough.

  4. cnigel: he’s in a different state. ;(
    Low: nope! heheh
    visitor: HAHAHAHAH ya! i signed the guestbook! but never ate the food.
    karheng: and have their wives beat me up….

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