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Did you catch AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia last week? The first stop was in our very own city, Kuala Lumpur!
A couple (I can’t remember which one) got lost on the way to a go-karting place in Shah Alam, which hampered their chances of being one of the few to complete the challenge early.
I actually laughed, not because they were stupid, but I could not help but think of how wonderful the road signages in Malaysia are. Have you noticed the strategic location of the signages? It’s either AT the junction where you have a split second to decide whether to turn left or right or go straight, OR you’d just miss it and end up in port klang when you had intended to go to Balakong in the first place.
If not at the junction itself, sometimes you are lucky if it’s 50metres right before the turning. Good grief! Why can’t it be 1km or 500m just before the junction AT THE LEAST?
An example is the Subang exit from the NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway – right?).

Got to pay the toll charges first – by cash, Touch’N’Go or Smart Tag?

After making your payment and driving past the toll, there’s a fork. Wait a minute, the signage is quite far ahead. Do you turn left, or do you turn right?
If you are familiar with the road, you will know that you’ll have to keep LEFT to go towards Subang or Shah Alam, and RIGHT would lead you towards Subang Airport.
But check it out, if I am from the right side of the toll, I’d have to veer towards the left immediately towards Subang and hope I won’t knock into another car coming from the left side of the toll going towards the right turn.
This is awfully dangerous! Why isn’t there a sign before the toll to warn drivers which side to keep at?

It doesn’t help when you’re not familiar with the area, your gas tank needs a refill and you’re going to be late for your appointment!


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37 thoughts on “Signages in Malaysia”

  1. no 1!!
    i agree, and it’s not only signs at certain areas, but the whole of west malaysia!! (i donno bout east MY)

  2. 5th
    I guess many people had talked about this issue. I believe everyone who drives will complain about the sign board.
    But I drive up north and down south sooooooo often I am used to the sign board system. lol.
    Yah but really, it needs to be improved.

  3. electronicfly: ya!
    galFeRari: UK one better eh? if it’s not a tree, it’s vandalised ;P
    zhong: ya, when you’re used to it, it won’t be a problem.
    karheng: me too! went round and round and round and round

  4. i dont look at sign boards anymore. i dont trust those evil green and blue boards edi. all i do is call blurfuck and ask him where to jalan ;D HAHAHA

  5. actually whole KL also need to fix their signboard la…
    coz… even follow the signboard also can sesat πŸ˜€

  6. last time when i get back from KLIA, i used the road going back to sri kembangan instead of subang jaya….and guess what i saw by the highway amid my way back,”Sempadan Negeri Sembilan” bloody hell it shocked us for a second thinking we’re going one big round to get back to KL.

  7. iv’N & dion: exactly. very clever, i tell you!
    faai: he bring you to no man’s land then you know ehehee
    insomnia: only KL? how about other places? ;P
    Khinko: i thought Ipoh was scary ;P
    xes: most signboards in klang valley, too
    cnigel: haha, along the Seremban-Melaka highway there are 2 diff directions for KLIA and once, i took the looooooong way! had to drive super fast to make up for lost time -_-
    booby: you damn pro with the signboards lah issit? ;P

  8. Don’t forget that to get to somewhere, there’ll be a nuber of different signs pointing everywhere except for the shortest route.

  9. Don’t forget that to get to somewhere, there’ll be a nuber of different signs pointing everywhere except for the shortest route.

  10. haaha..msia stewpiak signboard always lead me to high way and there’s not way to make u-turn back. one way ticket to pay the toll, waste ur time , waste ur petrol , waste ur money nowhere..
    and msia full of stewpiak tolls to collect money..and the stewpiak smart tag wondering still call it as smart tag coz it’s superb duber dumb!
    the stewpiak sensor scann thru so slow. i still prefer FASTRAK… πŸ™

  11. ahhaa……last picture really damn funny!
    tats why, u gotta take it from me, i have this super map book tat show u evry corner of kl/ selangor, evrytime i’m going to some place i’m not familiar, i’ll have a look at it..
    after few years using it, i know evry corners or where to go without ever looking at signboards..i never get lost…

  12. Abalon: your super map book up to date or not? ;P hehe my drawing is not as good as xes’
    KhinKo: o_O
    insomnia: haha good one ;P
    jo: ya lah, Smart Tag is SO SLOW. you still have to slow down, anyway!

  13. Not sure someone had written what I am going to comment. Another misleading road sign is the junction at Jalan Maharajalela. If you drive from the the city centre and want to go to Seremban using the highway, the sign will tell you to go straight that is exiting somwehere at Sg Besi roundabout. However there’s a nearer route if you take the exit (instead of going through the tunnel) and turn right at the Jalan Maharajalela junction (towards Dewan Bahasa)There’s no sign board showing the route.
    If you drive from north and after the Sg Buloh overhead R&R and want to go to Seremban or south the sign board will direct you to take left and unexpectingly pay more for toll. The right dies not hint you that you can still go to Seremban and using the KL-Seremban Highaway which is nearer and pay less for toll.

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