slr camera!

I bought an Epson scanner for rm400 from Mid Valley’s IT centre. I was contemplating whether to get Epson or Canon. My friends advised me to get the former because apparently Epson is more reliable and used by big companies. Pictures coming soon!
Due to the fact that bank isn’t open today. I couldn’t get the SLR camera but I managed to look for one. Initially I wanted to get the fully manual SLR camera. It’s fucking cool! But Wai Keong advised me not to get it. Apparently it’s bloody hard to control and learn. I guess I’ll settle for the Canon semi automatic.
9:32PMThe fucking bank is not fucking open today without giving any prior notice or written notice. fucking hell!
9:54AMI cant sleep.
I was reading the newspaper just now. It seems that a serial rapist is on the loose in Kuala Lumpur. The rapist, described as a dark and fat male taxi driver, rapes his victims after picking them up. Try avoiding the taxi girls.
9:19AMI’m going to get a scanner and a SLR camera tomorrow. I have to wake up early tomorrow to withdraw money for it.
Sex makes people happy, researcher finds.
SYDNEY: Young people who have sex are happier than those who don’t research presented at an international conference yesterday showed.
The research paper in the sexual well-being of young Australians also found that those aged 17-19 who play sports are more likely to practice safe sex than those who go to church.
The study, release t the International Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference in Brisbane, found that virgins had the lowest sense of sexual well-being – even below sexually active people who had experienced sexual harassment.