snoring is for men only

“aiyo, i tell you… my roommate is so pretty!
but wasted la…. so pretty but she snores!!”

the girl shook her head as she remarked – as if it was such a sin.
so if she’s not that pretty and she snores, it’s ok? ;PppPpPP

12 thoughts on “snoring is for men only”

  1. darksoul: u like girls with hairy armpit? then china would be the best place for u la. hahahaha
    she gotta be a jap heroin todo that!

  2. xes & dogma: China Beijing esp. I recently went to Shanghai and u hardly find girls with haired armpits there..I think it exists more in Beijing.
    Pst. Shanghai has hawt chicks too!
    Not one phat chic!

  3. pokai: as if i believe u la. ;P
    honfaai: not me. just an ex-classmate complaining she couldn’t sleep lor. [but if i snore also i dowan to tell you! ;P]
    xes: erm… hairy armpit for men only issit? hehehe.
    karheng: true la. but i think the boyfriend who’s a light sleeper will find it hell kua… or anyone who’s a light sleeper.
    galFeRari: as long as her bf don’t complain….
    DaRkS0uL: sure or not? =)
    dogma: that girl would be starring in South Park with eric cartman, kyle, stan and kenny… ;PPpPppP

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