So I said yes

Hi, its me again. 😉 Been a while, hasn’t it?

Leong and I once talked about how we would used this blog to document big important events happening in our respective lives, to the point of even blogging about how it is like giving birth! Well, I just had one pretty momentous thing happened in my life lately.

My other half got down on his knee and proposed to me two weeks ago… 😉 I’m getting married!

I had wanted to blog about how he proposed, but I think that’s too much mush for this blog! I have heard many stories of things guys do when proposing to their chosen ones. I had wanted my asking-of-my-hand to be sweet and simple, with no music, no room filled with helium balloons, no flying helicopter carrying the ring over, and all that rah rah rah. And honestly, he couldn’t have done it more perfectly than I would have wanted it.

Anyway, taking note of bimbobum’s previous post about going to the parents before proposing, he did do the right thing of asking for my parents’ blessings before popping the question. I am quite sure I would have hesitated if he hadn’t (yup, even between my crying and saying ok, I had a perfectly clear state of mind to ask if he already asked my parents!).

While typing this down, I can see the little gem he gave me blinking from my left ring-finger, the inner me going ‘yikes!’ in a good way and the buzz I am still getting is… beyond.

And then there is the inevitable stress and frustration of making plans for the wedding dinner, which is beginning to creep in and jump on me. I didn’t realise it would hit me so fast! From the good date of the wedding, to choosing a ballroom, to the preliminary guest list – ahhh is this all there is to expect in the year to come??