So u wanna be a star….

If i look like this, will i be a STAR among all the LADIES

10 thoughts on “So u wanna be a star….”

  1. i think the first and the last are probably the nicer ones…last as minimalistic…1st for girls with big fingers……damn..i wonder if they are VVSI diamonds? I wonder how much they cost? Hmmmm…

  2. Frank….V V S I is the grade for diamonds. You have SI which means small incisions…one of the lower grades..
    VSI means very small incisions. and VVSI is probably the highest I know which is Very very small incisions. iNcisions could be incersions. I’m not too sure. Then u have that 8 cut, 16 cut 32 cut. I duno if you have that 64 cut. Those also make a difference because of course the more the harder to cut. But also because the more cuts, the shinier the diamond..physic rule of thumb for light movement. then you have carat which is how u weight the diamond la i think…

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