So u wanna have a car…

Ever since i started working. People always ask. “Frank, what kind of car are you driving?”
I always kept quiet and smile to them because my car…it’s kinda complicated. See it for yourself…

[image source: unknown]
Too damn complicated la…*stress*

16 thoughts on “So u wanna have a car…”

  1. herbie’s long lost brother with lotsa piercings issit. “i am eh”?
    A: eh!!!!!!! eh!!!!!
    B: why are you so rude, calling people eh????
    A: the fella’s name is Eh la!!!
    B: ???!!

  2. xes: taylor’s lecturer’s car??which one??
    that is the kinda car no one will dare to steal man..or want too…hahaha

  3. frankly. can these car move? or is it even safe? it looks really thrashed up to me. both the car infront of salmon steak and the one in the pic.

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