So u wanna have a pretty wife…

Not long ago, i met one of my senior from my high school.
me: Hey Adrian, i heard you are marry to Miss Gorgeous from the convent behind our school.
Adrian: Yeah…haih
Adrian said that sullenly.
me: What is the matter? You are not happy with married life.
Adrian: haih….
If my memory serve me right, Miss Gorgeous was the prettiest girl in that Convent school when i was in Form 1. She could even drive all the primary school, pre-puberty school boys crazy. She looked a bit like this :-

That is how she looks like in my dream…
oooooh~~~Miss Gorgeous….*fap* *fap*

me: So, Miss Gorgeous still look the same ar?
Adrian: See for yourself lar…
Adrian passed me his PDA…

me: WAH! Still quite hot wah for a 30 years old woman with 5 kids.
Adrian: scroll down somemore lar…

me: WTF!
Adrian: That’s how she looks like when i come back late. Scroll down somemore…

Adrian: That’s her when i don’t give her all my salary.
me: eeer….
Adrian: BTW, that is her 2 years ago lar…Now, she is a 220kg Aunty!
me thinking to myself: aiks, that’s like Lydia Sam, the TVB fat Aunty actress.

Miss Gorgeous: YEAH! Adrian i totally OWN you

Miss Gorgeous: I am still sexy right, Adrian Darling?
me: ……

Miss Gorgeous: Ooooh…Adrain baby, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!
Adrian: *fainted due to suffocation*

P.S: My computer was attacked by a trojon horse a few hours ago. If anyone of you receive an email from my Yahoo mail, that is not me, it’s the virus!
P.P.S: I apologise to whoever that is offended to my post. It’s merely a stupid story that is meant to be a joke. I have no intention of offending any fat women. Please do not protest outside my house, i am sorry.

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  1. if anyone is interested the girl in the first pic is reon kaneda.Doesn`t do av i think.Sigh, i have cemented my reputation as a pervy bastard 🙁

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