So u wanna have fried chicken for dinner….

Remember when the bird flu swept through Asia and the government have to eliminate all the chicken? But, how come all the restaurant still serve chicken? Could the chicken be…

You might say, “Cannot be, wah. The fried chicken looks like chicken and it taste like one too. Cannot be…”

Behold, The making of Fried Mousy that looks like chicken

Firstly, trap and catches a few mice. Shave off all their fur just like this

Secondly, washes them thoroughly, preferably with soap.

If you can, you should sterilise them as well

after all the washing and sterilising, they should look as white as a white radish.

Cut them up nicely

Marinate them and leave it for awhile.

Deep fry them when u think it is ready.

This is what it will look like when it is done…yum yum…so juicy

18 thoughts on “So u wanna have fried chicken for dinner….”

  1. yucks frank. Totally like gross out dude…….
    Imagine eating all the disease they carry around as well. i rather bann chicken from my diet and eat ostritch or kangaroo meat.
    yuks yucks yucks

  2. michie: From a certain source…
    Shi-Ying: Just look at the last two pics for 10 secs n u’ll forget about the previous pics.
    gguni: U r sick. How can u eat kangaroo? They are so cute!
    Darren: Nope, but it looks like chicken to me.

  3. Hey, people do eat rodents ler~ And the taste do better than chicken. But hor~ the last pic didn’t look like a rat drumstick ler~ look like a chick one.

  4. pikey: Yupe. I termakaned ( manglish translation: accidentally ate) roasted rabbit cos it looks so juicy n crispy. I think i might termakan rat meat too next time, who knows.
    Fish fish: Lucky, u r a vegetarian. You wouldn’t termakan rat or hamster.

  5. hey those are field rats .. not those from ur local sewer … so i think they are a lot more “organic” and “hyiegenic”
    hmm looks nice! where can i get them 🙂

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