So you think you can dance @ Ruums 31.5.2007

Angeline got us tickets to watch the reality TV show “So you think you can dance” live @ Ruums, KL. In this reality show, dancers are put up in a pair and must put up a good show to the judges and audience.

In this episode, there were 12 dancers remaining and were required to dance in pair. Their dances are all choreographed by experts and it involves all sorts of dances ranging from Malay contemporary to Chinese traditional dance. I heard that the last 12 dancers were either professional dancers or professionally trained.
Before the show started, the audiences were made to go on an applause rehearsal. We had to rehearse on how and when to cheer and clap.

The supporters.

I heard that security at event was pretty lack. My friend accidentally entered the venue without going through the ticket counter by taking a lift from the car park.
The part I dislike about “So you think you can dance” is that the judges’ comments are not harsh enough. They should get someone like Simon Cowell on the panel and tell them that they suck big time to infinity plus one. Of course, none of the dancers from this episode sucked.

They had only one female judge for the night. On every commercial break, a makeup artist would rush to her side to do her hair and apply make up.

My favourite dancer of the night was Jo. She moves really well, especially her bangra dance moves.

All the dancers

I saw Smashpop! Hehe


All dancers in a line – before the judges announce who are the bottom 6 dancers.

6 dancers stepped forward and they are the bottom 6 dancers. The audience has to vote vide SMS to save them.

Each of the 6 dancers have to gave a short performance before they get voted vide SMS.

We didn’t stay till the end. I heard that my favourite dancer, Jo got voted off. NoOOoOoOOOOooooo
P/S I just found out that Jo is a single mum and she saw this competition as the biggest hope to sustain herself and her 12 year-old daughter. GG

6 thoughts on “So you think you can dance @ Ruums 31.5.2007”

  1. yea.. all sort of dance. what about lion dance? ballet? kolomyjka? akeke. u must be heartbroken. anyway, if u dont mind, can buy-1-free-1. akeke

  2. visitor: hehe dont get me wrong la. i just like the way she dances 😛
    Darren: hehe yea
    xbd: yup its on national tv now!

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