So You Think You Can…Shuffle???

I am quite surprised that I haven’t seen the Melbourne Shuffle in any of the So You Think You Can Dance shows. I wonder what will the Judges say when they see people doing the shuffle on stage. They’ll probably say “Stop dancing like a monkey!”.
Now, some chaps in Australia has came up with something ‘brilliant’. They have organised an online shuffle video competition called, “So You Think You Can Shuffle”. O_o. Winner gets two return flight to a Shuffle meet in Asia with 3 nights accommodation. I wonder where in Asia..I have a feeling its Malaysia.

More information and details go to
Yet another WTF moment.

6 thoughts on “So You Think You Can…Shuffle???”

  1. Im wondering whether to burn that melb shuffler hoodie which I got from you or not…. WADAFARK!? Melb shuffling ain’t for sale man! it’s not a product which you can make a show outta!
    If i jump in there and shuffle and start break dancing, they might as well declare me the winner! How do they judge these things anywayS?

  2. was checking out the site. The hardstyles are just too hard.
    But check out this guy on this link

    He’s the olskool just like us leong!
    And I hope this guy wins man

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