South Korea, here i come!

I’m leaving in few hours time.

I’ll be staying @ Brown Hotel, Seongbuk-gu. I got it at a very cheap rate, about $29 a day. In total, I’m paying RM400+ for 5 days!

500,000 won – If only I have this amount in Ringgit Malaysia…

Gotta run now!

Cya guys in 5 days!

9 thoughts on “South Korea, here i come!”

  1. hey u forgot to pack meeeeeeeeeeeeee! *haha*
    have fun lelong and if “i love korea” t-shirts is all you can get, by all means, i thank you in advance! *haha*

  2. heyy south korea is not bad! i spent the summer in seoul 🙂 do u remember me? hehe im a big girl now at Warwick Uni 😀 well have fun in Hangook…eat Korean bbq yumyum and spend ur won wisely coz things r quite pricey 🙂 i got hyori’s autograph last time..wonder if u’d be so lucky 😛

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