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I’ve got to admit, I haven’t been receiving any problem emails lately. I guess my stint as ‘Dear Aunt Bimbobum’ has died.

I was really bored of having no emails to read (not even forwarded joke emails *ahem endroo* *ahem karheng*), not even a marriage proposal like a blogger we all know of (you know who I’m talking about ;P), that I decided to check out the spam.

Who the hell is Yana?!

I found out that my evil twin is a secretary and a porn star. ‘bimbobad’ is such an unimaginative name…

I may be bankrupt soon. Like I have a bank account there…

My ‘penis’ could be the next Mr. Universe. “Call me the Brick Dick” … -_- so lame.
Man, everything was nonsense! I got even more bored, going through all of that.
I want real SPAM:, and that’s not ‘halal‘. Wow, they have a fan club!
I want a pork burger NOW. yum.
p.s. The real deal on spam can be read on wikipedia – electronic spam is a cheap way of doing advertising because most of the cost is not borne by the sender, but the recipients. Most products advertised for could be illegal.

28 thoughts on “Spam Dot Com”

  1. iv’N: you can’t eat it? not even one slice? ;P
    electronicfly: you know wat’s OMG right? the ‘z’ at the front is a sound of a fly buzzing… zOMG is to exaggerate it a bit la. ;P
    ok ok, for your benefit, i googled it.
    “ZOMG is a bastardization of the Internet shorthand term for ‘Oh My God’, OMG. The term is commonly used to express humorously overwrought excitement and as a way of mocking internet slang as a whole.”

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