Pre New Years Eve Celebration

I have this habit of going to the office at wee hours in the morning e.g. 12am, 1am. Although its quite scary sometimes, it’s a good time to work as I’m free from interruption and able to concentrate on my work.

So on New Years eve morning, one of my clients wanted something urgent hence I had to drive to the office at 12am to sort out his stuff.
As usual, the office was dark and empty. No one was around I had to turn on the lights myself.

I left my phone, a Dopod 577w, on the table while doing my work. While shifting some files, my phone fell on the floor and thereafter, he died!!! Sei kau jooor!! Matiiii!!! Saawwwwweeeee!! Aarggghh

My screen cracked. My phone is barely 2 years old.

My Dopod 577w

How technology evolved.

All I had in mind is a note of RM1000 flying into the sky – I need to get a new phone soon.

At 2am, I packed my bags and was about to leave. Just before I stepped out from my room, I tripped on a box and crashed on the floor as if I was hit by a 2 tonne lorry. I suffered a bruise right thumb and left big toe.

What a great way to end 2007!