House Burgled

Just as I was ranting on the state of our security in my last blogpost, my house got burgled on Friday morning (15 April 2011), probably around 12pm. No one was at home at that time and my Mum just stepped out for lunch.

When she came home, the front door was opened. The locks of my tenant, Mum and my room were broken. We lock each and every of our rooms for security reasons. I immediately rushed home from office and called our security guard to head to my house.

When I arrived, the guards were there checking the house. My mum’s room and my tenant’s room were open. My door was damaged but not opened.

I think the the thief had a hard time entering my room. There are two entrances to my room – one from the balcony and one from the living room. The thief broke one of the locks of my balcony door but he couldn’t get through my 40-years-old steel door. I could see the frustration he had breaking through this door from the ripped mosquito nets.

However, he somehow managed to enter my room by breaking the side of my living room door and squeezed into my room.

Only a small lock was breached (which is actually a dummy lock. It doesn’t lock properly).

When I came into my room, everything was in a mess, but I find my iPad, SLR, dSLR and PC still there! I wonder why they didn’t take them!

Nevertheless, I was so relieved especially when I see my PC still there. However, they took my old Nokia 8850, which doesnt work anymore!

Well, we are fortunate that no one was home when the break in occurred. I did found my parang (machete) in the garden. The thief could have taken it.

We lost cash, an identity card, my old 8850 Nokia (wtf) and our sense of security. I pay RM100 per month to have security guards patrolling our area but unfortunately they didn’t see the thieves.

We didn’t make any police report cause we think that it’s a waste of time. Nothing can be done to undo this. My only worry is that they will return – to take things that they did not take. I just emptied my house of all cash.

The only thing I want now is the Government improving security in Malaysia. Can you deliver Kerajaan Barisan Nasional????