Trip to Penang – Heng Huat Cafe @ Lorong Selamat

A trip to Penang wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Lorong Selamat to have char kuew teoy made by a grumpy old lady with ultra cool glasses.

It is well known that the lady boss is not a friendly person but yet customers still flock to eat her char kuey teow.

When I first ordered my char kuey teow, the lady boss screamed, ‘ you have to wait very long!!!’.

They no speaking England so I is has to speak in Cantonese mix with some Mandarin and the lau aunty can listen.

While waiting, I ordered a nice bowl of ais kacang. Tasted moderately ok.

A on the other hand ordered almond tea. Its made of almond and white in colour. If you like almond, you’ll probably enjoy it. But if you don’t, the drink taste like crap.

After waiting half an hour, my char kuew teo came. I’m not a big fan of char kuew teo but I must say the char kuew teow is not bad. I would probably give it an A- for taste.

Hugeeeeee fan

If the grumpy old lady or his minions pissed you big time and you don’t want to eat her char kuew teow anymore, you can walk to another shop which also serves char kuew teow with the same type of setup.

Does the glasses look familiar?