Vienna Food Guide

Vienna is awesome place for food in particular pastries and meaty meals. There are all sorts of pastries to try. It felt like I just died and went to cake heaven. 

Bought this off a small bakery. Quite tasty. Recommended by the cashier.

High-tech coffee machine found at a convenient store.

Didn’t try this but the whole shop was selling this.


Although coffee culture is big in Vienna, I didn’t like their coffee. I still prefer Melbourne styled coffee.

As mentioned before, food in Vienna is not cheap. Portion is not extremely big but one dish should suffice to feed two Asians.


A recommended restaurant with over 100 years of history. It was tough to get a place for dinner as it was full. Fortunately, they have an outlet few metres away which had plenty of seats.

Snitzel is highly recommended here. The restaurant claims to be the first to come out with a large snitzel using the best pork and cuts. Snitzel is basically boneless meat, thinned, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried.

We also had veal goolash (some sort of stew) with butter dumplings.

They were all very nice!


Sacher Cafe

This cafe claims to be the origin of Sacher-Torte cake, a chocolate cake covered with a layer of chocolate and a thin spread of jam. Whipped cream is served on the side.

Sacher started off as a cafe but eventually grew into a hotel. The recipe for the cake is said to be 180 years old and has never changed since then . It’s interesting to have a cake ate by people 180 years ago.

Although its famous in Vienna, I’m not a big fan of it as it is a little bit dry. But it’s something one should try when in Vienna.

We also had sausages and Sacher toast. They were nice.

To get there, stop at Karplatz station. There are a few exits hence take Exit A  – Kartner StraBe. This exit is the nearest to the cafe which is behind the Vienna Opera House.


Cafe Diglask

Another famous restaurant. It was recommended by our tour guide while passing by the place.

We had typical Viennese breakfast and their apple strudel. The latter was good.

Coffee was so-so.

I was extremely interested with this pink coloured cake. But when I was told that it was made from marzipan, I want to put this cake on a plate and flung it out from the restaurant.

We bought some cakes back to London for Sow. But Sow said the cakes were not flight proof. The cakes looked like it rolled down the stairs when it got to London.

Website: Google+

Founded in 1786, Demel is a famous pastry shop and chocolatier. This is apparently the birthplace of Sacher Torte cakes.

We had their famous Anna Torte and Sacher Torte cakes. The former was good but the latter was just so-so to me. It was pretty dry. I guess I’m not a fan of Sacher Torte.

I ordered a Melange (small espresso with milk and foam). I didn’t like it too.