Me Give speech

Timothy Tiah had to give a speech to 500 people last week. I bet he was stressed before the session cause I was damn stressed when I had to give a speech to a group of 40 students. pfft.
Last week, I was assigned to give a speech about my life as an Intellectual Property lawyer in front of a bunch of students from local universities. Some senior lawyers presented with me as well. Since I was the most junior of all, I was quite stressed out. My heart went dupdupdupdupdudpdupdup whenever I think about it. I’ve never been a good public speaker and as long as I can remember, I’ve not given a speech before.
But after 2 days of intensive training, I was prepared for it.
I prepare myself by going through couple of rehearsals.
I made sure everything that I was to say was listed on a piece of paper.
I was ready to present my first speech.
So on the faithful day, the room was filled with aspiring young lawyers-to-be students, each of them eager to know about our field of practice. The senior lawyers were the first to give their speech.
While listening to them… a song started playing on my head,
it was the ft. Snoop dogg – Donque Song…..
She got a donkeeeeyy.. She got a donkeeeeyy … She got a donkeeeeyy…I got a donnkeeey..i got a donkeeeyyy..the donk the donkkk.. she got some mega asss

and the images of donkey grooving in a club started playing on my mind.
[I later found out that the lyrics of the song is “She got a donque..”. The word “dongue” is a slang for ass. I heard the song from the radio]
Imagine a room with a group of young students aspiring to be lawyers listening to a group of 4 lawyers talking about serious work and 1 of them had a song about donkey on his head.
So when it came to my turn, the donkeys disappeared. I introduced myself accordingly and went on blabbing. The little note that I had was actually quite distracting. I had to pause to look for the right keywords and left an awkward silence. Note to self, memorise every damn bit and less words on my little note.
Anyway, I think my speech went well although I went like a speeding bullet. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. Cant wait to do somemore!