San Francisco 2011 – Golden Gate Bridge

I didn’t see much of San Francisco until the end of the conference. Some people say you haven’t been to San Francisco if you haven’t seen the Golden Gate bridge. Since my my colleague is leaving earlier than me, he was determined to see the bridge before leaving.

We took a bus from the city and ended up in a remote housing area. The roads were empty and no one was on the streets. We were lost! The bus didn’t drop us at the correct location and I didn’t bring my map!

Fortunately, we found a man recommended that we head to the East Beach to see the Golden Bridge. Without a map, we walked toward the direction that the man recommended.

We were greeted with the sight of a yacht harbor and joggers. We were on the famous Marina Blvd.

It was freezing cold but yet some joggers were in their tees and shorts.

Along Marina Blvd, there were loads of nice waterfront houses. All with unique designs.

After walking for few minutes, we reached Crissy Field. It looks like we were walking towards “the Light”.

Behold! The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge!

And Alcatraz!

After taking a few pictures, we were head home. Again we were lost. Fortunately, some strangers guided us to a bus stop to the city.

To be continued..