Featured in Sin Chew

Frank_omatic called me the other day.

Frank: I saw you in the newspaper. Your face looks so smooth lar. You go for facial is it?

Me: No, I think they photoshop it!

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I attended this 114A event organised by The Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC). The AGC invited the Bar Council and CyberSecurity to present as well. I briefed Bar Council’s representative for the talk on my views but nevertheless still attended the event to hear AGC and CyberSecurity’s views.

When the floor was opened for questions, I bombarded the speakers with questions. Although I was not one of the speakers, Sin Chew interviewed me nonetheless.

The trick I learn from attending events is that one should ask questions when the floor is opened for questions. This allows everyone to know who you are. Probably you can drop a line or two to say what you do.

With this, you won’t be one of the nameless faceless in events.