Gamarjobat – A shut up comedy from Japan @ Actor’s Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre

3rd March – 19th March 2006
RM52 – RM92
Tuesday ~ Thursday 8PM, Friday 9PM, Saturday 3PM, 9PM Sunday 3PM, 8PM.

Gamarjobat is a silent comedy by 2 Japanese men. Not a single comprehensible word was spoken during the entire show. The sound effect, the lightning and the costumes fueled the entire show. And..
It was FUNNY with capitals!

The sound effect and lighting were very precise. It was as if it was programmed.

The show was divided into 2 parts, the first part being a slapstick-and-mime-like comedy and the second part is a silent play about a boxer. They even pulled some audience to perform with them. Some of the participants on the stage were entertaining as well 😀 We laughed non stop.

There was one part they played Doraemon’s theme song and one of the duo was mimicking Doraemon. Everyone laughed out loud except for the 4 Caucasians sitting in front of us… HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW DORAEMON????

The show ended with a standing ovation. Yes, it was that good.

DJ Anatta & I – the Gamarjobats.

Catch DJ Anatta in action @ Club Pure, Melaka 11 March 2005! 😀